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Every penny counts

Just a small donation can help Care Seats take a step closer to achieving our goal. Please explore this page to get an idea of our fundraising needs and how you could help.

Some of our larger/priority Initiatives include:

  • Purchase 30 car seats to kick start our earned income and Buy One, Give One Campaign - $6,000

  • Purchase and retain a storage unit for a year minimum - $1,300 

  • Purchase and maintain a delivery truck - $25,000

  • Cover the cost of training 5 additional certified CPSTs - $500

  • Design our brand and expand our presence on social media - $3000

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Gifts of $5 or more

Donations of any amount really go much farther than you might think!

Our volunteers and CPSTs work hard out in the field, often out in the unpredictable Michigan weather, teaching families about their car seats and how they might best serve their tiny passengers. We get hungry! These donations might go towards the cost of keeping our volunteers functioning throughout the day with cold water, yummy snacks and energizing caffeine.

Aside from sustenance, other expenses might include:

  • 200 business cards - $10

  • Educational Material Prep and Printing - $35

  • Cost of parking for 1 whole day at Back Office Studio - $5

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Gifts of $100 or more

Things like our monthly storage unit typically cost around $100 to maintain.

Additional expenses include:

  • 2 infant seats - $34/each

  • 1 convertible car seat - $196/each

  • 2 months of our office address rental through Back Office Studio - $100

  • Event signage - $300(One time cost)

  • Training new CPSTs and purchasing their educational materials - $150/ each 


Gifts of $500 or more

These are special and generous gifts!

Donations of over $500 mean a lot of our small nonprofit and carry our missions forward by a significant amount. They might cover expenses such as:

  • 10 infant carriers - $500

  • Our storage rental for half a year! -$600

  • 10 newly certified and expertly trained CPSTs! - $1,500

  • 10 convertible car seats designed for extended rear facing. - $2,000

  • Purchase technology vital to carrying out our mission with efficiency and haste - $5,000

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